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Reiki is a Japanese alternative healing technique used to help restore the body’s natural yet subtle energy system to a state of balance through relaxation and stress reduction. The word reiki is broken down into two parts during translation. Rei means the higher intelligence that guides us all which in our culture has been referred to as spirit or soul, while Ki is translated as the non-physical subtle energy that animates all living things. In the Chinese culture this same energy is called Chi and can be balanced through acupuncture with the use of fine needles inserted into specific points where the Chi flows within the body. Another example is found in the same subtle energy known as Prana in the Indian culture which is balanced during a yoga practice with the use of specific breathing techniques and movements that balance our energy.  Often western practitioners of these modalities will simply call this subtle energy our “Life Force Energy”.

 It is understood in a lot of eastern cultures that if one's life force energy is low, or underactive then we are more likely to get sick, and feel the negative impacts of stress. Likewise, if it is high or overactive we can use too much energy daily feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. It is when this life force energy is in balance that we are more capable of being happy, healthy and full of vitality.

Reiki is being used often in hospitals and in hospice because it is now more widely accepted and understood that this complementary therapy can help reduce anxiety and pain, improve fatigue, calm the mind, help relieve the symptoms of depression, speed the time of healing and recovery from surgery, lessen the side effects of treatments and medications,  reduce insomnia, ease emotional distress such as grief, support your body’s natural healing response within the immune system through relaxation and stress reduction.

During a reiki session you will lay on a massage table or sit comfortably in a reclined position and the reiki practitioner will place their hands on or near the body allowing the reiki energy to interact with your life force energy and bring it to a state of balance. You are able to remain fully clothed but may remove your coat, shoes, socks, belt or whatever else you feel is necessary to remain comfortable during the session.

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